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Happy Tails


This is the end result of rescuing a dog.  I get to see them in their new home usually being spoiled rotten.  After seeing how the dogs were treated before and what condition they were in, this makes all the work, expense and heartache worthwhile.  Most of these dogs come from places where they were destined to be killed.  Now look at them. 
This is always my favorite part.  So very, very rewarding.

This is where several dogs were being housed until they were rescued by the local animal shelter then transported to ACM.



This is Tiny Teena.  She is a pittie mix and is the smallest of the litter.  She is 1/3 the size of her siblings. 
In this video she gets into my purse because I had been carrying her around in a doggie pouch. 

This is a video of Trixie who came from a puppy mill.  I have been working with her for 3 months and she's still terrified of humans.  She never plays.  She never wags her tail.  She just sits.  This is what happens to dogs who are  used for breeding in puppy mills.  This is going to be a long process but I have faith I'll get her there.

Trixie and Snowball, two of the four puppy mill dogs I'm trying to tame and train.

This is baby Nala.  She is a Great Pyr mix and the cutest little thing ever!
 I love her so very much and miss her every day still.

This is little Tillman. 
He is a very sweet little guy who likes to snuggle and when he does he makes the cutest little noises.

This is Sparky when he was just a puppy and arrived at the rescue.  He was such an adorable little guy.  So much fun!

UPDATE on Sparky!  He is was just a puppy when he arrived in the rescue and now he's so cute it hurts!  This is is new loving family.  This makes rescue work all worthwhile! 


Dolly was rescued from a puppy mill where she spent 7 long years breeding for someone's profit. She was released when she developed medical problems on which they didn't want to spend the money. This little one is a very sweet, precious little girl. Dolly's surgeries are finished for now! She had a hernia repaired. The large mass on her back was removed, tested and it's benign. She also had 14 teeth extracted. **It's very important to brush your dog's teeth and provide them with regular care.**


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                       Before                                                              After

This is Miss Maggie. She came in with Sandy and Sheena from out of state. She was in a puppy mill situation where she was forced to repeatedly breed while living in a dirty cage.  She was then dumped off in a high kill shelter.   Clearly she wasn't properly cared for. She was filthy and matted. Fortunately she did not have any serious illnesses.  She just need cleaned up and provided love. She's now in a happy home where she's being spoiled! And she definitely deserves it. She's such a sweet, loving and happy little girl now!


Sheena is a 1 to 2 yr old Cockapoo that was saved from the same place. You can see from the before picture that she was not cared for either. I fell in LOVE with her.  She's so cute!  When she wags her little nub of a tail, her whole body wiggles.
She liked to play and then lounge in my lap.  Her favorite game is 'fetch'.  When she arrived she had a very serious urinary tract infection that scared me when I saw blood.  But she received needed medical treatment and is doing fine now.  Just looking at her makes me smile every time.  She was adopted by a wonderul woman who took her AND Sandy! So they will live out the rest of their lives together being spoiled!

  Before                                                                 After

This is Sandy, now known as Sophie.  She is a beautiful and very sweet girl.  It's amazing that she's so well adjusted and loving after all she's been through.  She didn't have any major medical issues.  I remember seeing sadness in her eyes and I wanted to do all I could to make her happy.  I believe she is now.  She was adopted by a wonderful woman who also adopted Sheena.  Now they spend their days getting spoiled, playing together and enjoying their new mommy.  

"Sophie has multi-colored tight curls.  Sheena has white silky hair with just a little wave to it and a little blond on her back.  They continue to do better and better all the time.  They've both made friends with the cat.  Both like walking around the neighborhood although Sophie continues to be somewhat fearful of the traffic and people - Sheena is little miss friendly and outgoing.  Sophie is now perfect in her house training.  Sheena gets too involved in the interesting smells and sights in the yard to remember what her purpose is all the time
......They both like their various toys – and of course always want to both play with the same one at the same time.  They have two rope toys, but both seem to favor one that is now so raveled and pulled from both ends that it looks like dead squid.  I love waking up in the middle of a night and trying to guess which little bundle is snuggled up with me.  They are darling girls! "   -   From Sharon, their new mom


Many people were involved in saving these dogs. And I want to thank every one of them.  Because of all the work you did in each part that you played, these dogs were saved, treated and provided wonderful homes!  There were several dogs saved and some were sent to different rescues here in Indiana. There was a local pilot who offered to fly down to get them but the weather was too bad so he drove all the way to NC and picked them up!  It was such an exciting endeavor. I couldn't wait to get them here!!! I wish I could have taken more of them but we were just full. Thankfully, they were rescued and treated for all their medical problems.

The Adventures of Miss Marni    

This is the challenging yet comical story of Marni, the beautiful 1 year old Aussie mix rescue dog.  She is a very clever little girl.  She was in the rescue for several months and over that course of time she kept me hopping.  She is very friendly, loving and eagerly approached every person with whom she came in contact.  When she first arrived, it was quite sad because she began displaying symptoms of distemper.  I learned immediately that even though she was sick, it wasn’t going to be easy keeping her isolated from the other dogs.  This girl had a strong will to get to the humans and that fed into her will to live.  Even during her illness, when we would go to give her medicines she would stand up and wrap her front legs around our legs and wouldn’t let go.  Needless to say, she stole our hearts immediately.  She overcame the illness and was eventually moved in with the other dogs and people.  Being a foster home for the rescue, it’s important to train the dogs and use dog crates to separate them for eating and sleeping.  But Marni found a way out of every restraint I had and ones I had invented for her using every day household items.  If I used a tether, she simply bit it in half and off she’d go.  If I used a stronger tether, it took a little longer but she chewed it up as well.  If I built homemade blockades out of wood, boxes or furniture, she figured out a way to move it and get out.  She managed to chew up at least half a dozen leashes that I had used to keep her in these blocked areas!  Even being leashed, tethered and blocked in, she still managed to get out!  She then found a way out of the dog crates in which she was housed.  She actually figured out how to undo the bottom latch and shimmy out.  I would then latch it and tie it shut as reinforcement, but she would chew apart whatever was used that day as a tie and open the latch.  Twice she broke out while I was gone for less than an hour and I returned to find that little Miss Marni had a little party with the remote control, stuffed animals, pens, mail and anything else she could get off of the coffee table and chew on!  I then decided to put furniture in front of the crate door; she simply pushed until it moved enough for her to get out.  I was at my wit’s end.  I found what I thought were creative ways to block her yet she outsmarted me every time.  Her crate area looked like something that belonged in Sanford and Son’s junk yard!  Needless to say, that didn’t bode well with my living room décor but I had to do something.   I finally found a crate that she couldn’t get out of!  I was so excited!  Well, that excitement and feeling of victory over Marni’s escapes didn’t last long.  She then started breaking out of the back yard.  

The first time she escaped the fenced yard, I had just pulled out of my drive way and rounded the corner when I spotted my neighbors walking her.  Marni had wondered over to their house and they kindly put a leash on her and looked for her home.  We searched and searched for how she got out.  It was a mystery.  So, a few days later the dogs are out playing and I called them back in, but no Marni.  I drove around for about two hours trying to find her.  It got dark and finally a local store owner told me they took her across the street to the vet’s office.  It happened to be MY vet and the same one who had treated her distemper months before.  They didn’t make the connection and Marni wasn’t wearing her collar nor had she been micro-chipped yet.  So by the time we figured this out, the vet was closed and Marni had to spend the night there.  It was such a relief that she was safe so I simply hung a ‘missing’ poster of her on their front door with a note from me and they called me the next morning.  One more time we found her safely.  But the night locked up in a strange place didn’t seem to faze her as it wasn’t the last time she’d get out.

These breakouts I found astonishing since I have a privacy fence and no holes could be found by us mere humans.  She must have broken out 6 or 7 times before we finally figured it out.  Having a couple of advanced college degrees, I found it quite disconcerting that this puppy was more clever than I and I began to question whether I was intellectually fit to care for plants let alone this dog!   One day I stayed outside secretly watching her as she ran around the yard playing with the other dogs.  Then “whoosh” like a flash in an unexpected moment, she dove under the gate pushing it open just inches at the bottom yet she was able to get through it in a split second!  I was amazed and horrified at the same time.  I watched this dark blur run around the house and down the street.  And the hunt was on again.  Of course this is Marni we’re talking about and she had found a way to get her collar off, too, you know… the one with the ID tag and micro-chip information!  So there I am standing with her leash AND collar that she truly needed to keep around her neck so we could find her!  I sent out what became the usual mass text message to some of my neighbors that just read “Marni’s out again”.  We headed out looking for her.  One day after we had spent what seemed like days searching, I ran home to print out more missing posters and rushed back over to the nearby strip mall.  One of the neighbor boys had gathered some important intelligence on the missing canine.  In his interviews and interrogations, he found that Marni had just visited the local strip mall.  As I went to each store I heard the stories.  “Yes, she was just here” said the man from the local auto parts store.  They had given her some water and a treat of some kind and sent her on her way.  Next I found out she had wondered past the Chinese restaurant (in search of treats and belly rubs no doubt).  On down a little further she stopped by the local Italian restaurant where the outside diners were quickly pounced on by Marni wanting to give them hugs.  They gave her the obligatory belly rubs she shamelessly solicited and then the employees brought her a plate of Italian food.  At that point, I knew we had to stake out that particular area.  I just knew that she’d be back for that petting and good food again.  Once again she proved that I knew nothing.  Later I heard she had walked through the automatic doors of CVS and trotted right back to the pharmacy like she owned the place.  Not sure what she wanted from the pharmacist.  One can only wonder.  It reminded me of the recent adoption event I had taken her to at a local pet store.  They set us up in an aisle where the shelves were lined with dog treats so of course every time I turned my head, Marni snatched one off the shelf and began eating it!  It cost me more to pay for the treats she swiped that day than what we brought in from donations. 

Well, after leaving the pharmacy she also waltzed into the local eye doctor’s office.  I later found out that the doctor had just finished up with a young boy to whom Marni obviously took a shine.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have our contact info yet and I was carrying the collar and tags in my car!  So they called the humane society to come and get her.  Later that night I finally tracked her down and broke her out of “jail”.  It cost me $45 to get her freed.  I thought about leaving her there for the night to teach her a lesson.  I know, I know she’s a DOG but this is no ordinary dog!  Seeing her locked in isolation in their back room wagging her tail was enough for me to pay the fee and take her back home immediately.  I lectured her all the way home, yet all she did was wag her tail and give me kisses.  I can only assume that she heard me and that was her way of telling me she wouldn’t run off again.  A friend of the rescue took it upon herself to send out a repairman who placed a new lock, A PAD LOCK, at the bottom of the gate and Marni didn’t get out again!   She has now been adopted and yes, the new family has been warned.  I truly hope that Marni behaves herself so she can live the long and healthy life that she deserves.  Even after all of this, I miss her every day and I still love her very much.

Miss Marni….. live happily ever after!  The End


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