ALL Creatures Matter Rescue, Inc.

It's not just a name, it's a fact.

Help Wanted

We have several opportunities for people who want to help the animals and this rescue.  

  • Adoption events 
  • Fundraising events 
  • Procurement committee  
  • Marketing 
  • Community outreach 
  • Newsletters 
  • Drive animals to vet appointments  
  • Assist with photographing the animals 
  • Assist with transporting dogs from kill shelters to safety of rescue  
  • Assist with processing applications, i.e. checking references, home visits 
  • Assist with bathing and grooming incoming dogs 
  • Return certain rescue phone calls 
  • Long term planning for the rescue, i.e. new building, land, etc. 
  • Input receipts into Quickbooks 
  • Need a professional rendering of our rescue center

Are you ready?

Contact us and let us know you'd like to be involved.

Foster Info

foster care info

Fostering animals can be a very rewarding experience. You get the love and companionship of an animal until they are placed with a carefully screened, caring permanent home.  This is so rewarding because you provide a home, care, and comfort to an animal who would otherwise be killed in a shelter somewhere. And that feels wonderful! There is nothing like a rescue dog. It's as if they know they've been saved and they are so grateful and loving. It's quite a wonderful experience.

Benefits of Fostering

  • You save a dog's life
  • You have a companionship even though you cannot make a permanent commitment
  • It doesn’t cost you much.  Just some time and food.  The rescue pays for all vet fees.
  • You get a rewarding sense of  fulfillment for saving that life
  • The dog may become better behaved, giving him a greater chance at a lifetime home
  • You will gain experience in caring for and training a pet
  • You become a part of the ALL Creatures Matter family

Of course, there are some cons

  • The dog you take in may not be a ‘perfect’ dog.  It likely came from a shelter or a puppy mill and may need more attention than most. 
  • Patience is required for training and for teaching some of the dogs to trust people
  • It requires someone to be home most of the time and to be dedicated to helping the dog learn
  • You may fall in love and be sad when it leaves


The benefits of fostering a dog in need far outweigh the downside.  You will be part of taking a dog from death row to a fur-ever home.  Imagine the feeling of saving a life and then helping that dog to become the best it can be and watching it go to a loving home.  It is unbelievably rewarding!  If you are willing to take this on, contact me and together we will make it happen. There is a dog RIGHT NOW that needs your help.


Potential fosters complete an application and agreement.  A home visit is usually done early in the process.  Fosters typically provide food but the rescue will help when needed.  The rescue typically covers all the vetting costs but fosters can "sponsor' an animal if they wish but it's not expected. 


  • Provide a good home for the animal: bed, food, toys etc. 
  • Keep the animal safe
  • Use approved vets in case of  emergency
  • Make the animal available for adoption events
  • Make the  animal available to meet pre-approved adopters
  • Help them adjust to living in a good home environment and assist with manners

If you're interested in fostering, simply complete the application below.

Sheena was a puppy mill rescue and an excellent reason to foster.
Sheena was a puppy mill rescue and an excellent reason to foster.

Foster Care Application

This is a Word file.  Simply open, complete, save then email to